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Company to unveil new enhancements for Vision platform as customer adoption takes off worldwide
February 24, 2016
Content is still king in a controlled mass media environment, but it is constantly under threat of being commoditized. With multiple delivery platforms, multi-screen devices and growing global competition, we live in an uncontrolled digital wild west that is expanding and spinning on every axis. Navigating this ever changing landscape along with increasingly finicky and demanding viewer behaviors, without invading their privacy and blowing your budgets, is quite a challenge.
February 9, 2016
Legacy operations like production and playout are gradually moving to the cloud as more systems connect to a facility’s IT backbone. These advances have opened the door to also moving operations-based tasks like QC and QoS monitoring to the cloud
February 9, 2016
Pure software-as-a-service provides low-cost deployment and operation, highly scalable services based on Qligent’s Vision cloud-based monitoring platform
January 12, 2016
Prestigious broadcast organization recognizes groundbreaking innovation of Turnkey SaaS with cloud-enabled, virtually deployed monitoring platform for RT’s OTT services
December 26, 2015