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Managed Services
Building on the success of our SaaS model, Qligent takes things one step further by offering Qligent’s Oversight as a managed service. The broadcast industry’s first true 24/7 or event based Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering. Our clients receive the additional benefit of our expertise and years of experience in broadcast by outsourcing the proactive QoS/QoE monitoring and Root Cause Analysis to our 24 hour live monitoring center.
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Give your business a competitive edge by harnessing Qligent’s expertise and market leadership with 24/7 media-distribution monitoring as a collaborative outsourced managed service. Redirect your operations, engineering and production staff away from tactical day-to-day monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting tasks, and towards more strategic and creative initiatives.
Rapid reaction
Qligent’s team provides an outsourced first response for broadcasters and multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs). Oversight service turns disparity into convergence at larger facilities and networks, offloading monitoring tasks from multiple departments to a centralized managed service layer, supporting tasks from individual fault analysis to historical trend reporting to rapidly pinpoint, isolate and repair performance issues.
Based upon client-defined parameters we review, monitor and tune alert thresholds for all aspects of QoS and QoE and provide alerts that are delivered directly from our staff and automated systems via e-mail, SMS, phone calls or web-hooks. Alerts can be easily scaled on multiple levels (host, group, or global) and administrators can take action to rectify faults or even respond in real time. Alert rules route the alerts so the right people get the action required to mitigate the risks of Off-Air events and compliance issues.
We leverage advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to drive efficiencies within your business while leveraging our industry expertise as a catalyst to drive innovation, quality and up-time for your business. Our tools, expertise and global delivery cloud monitoring framework provide business-aligned, integrated and secure solutions for today and for tomorrow.
Oversight will help broadcasters and MVPDs make a clean break from the traditional practice—and expense—of on-site monitoring. Instead, Oversight provides a reliable and cost-effective way to enhance the impact of real-time monitoring and analysis in a rapidly changing digital TV environment. Baseline your distribution performance, associated cause and effect, apply innovative impact analysis approach to proactively improve your service quality and end-viewers' satisfaction while our expert team supports your efforts with best industry practices and predictive analysis.
Service Level Agreement
Oversight’s MaaS model provides flexible, staffed-monitoring workflow of alarms fired by Qligent cloud monitoring platform for audiovisual streams coming from IP, baseband and RF sources. Depending on client's preferences, the service level tiers may vary by the depth of the analysis and notification from periodic overall performance reporting to an in-depth professional root cause and impact analysis, and recommended corrective actions, including identification, containment, corrective actions recommendation and validation.
Technical Capabilities
Digital/Analog TV, Radio and IPTV
  • DVB-T/T2/H/C/C2/S/S2
  • ISDB
  • DAB/DAB+
Trending and Analysis
  • RF analysis & SFN monitoring
  • IP analysis
  • Transport Stream analysis (TR 101290, A/78a)
  • Quality of Experience (QoE)
Input signal sources:

Compliance recording and streaming, raw stream capture

Notifications (Audible Alarms, E-Mail, SMS)

NMS/OSS integration (SNMP)