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Cloud Services
At Qligent we strive to assist our partners/clients with balancing their Capex and Opex distribution needs. QLIGENT® SaaS solution better aligns us with our customers rather than traditional models, which enables us to provide expedited deployment, scalability, limited capital expense, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.
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Through our SaaS model we are constantly supporting and maintaining the solution, relieving our clients of significant time and costs associated with technical support. We also provide the roll-out of product updates with new features on a regular basis as part of a license agreement; ensuring our clients always have the newest version release of the software offering with the latest capabilities and features.
QLIGENT® cloud platform provides functionality for distributed multipoint receiving, recording, on-line viewing, monitoring and calculating performance metrics for audiovisual streams coming from IP, baseband and RF sources. Data aggregation, visualization, analysis and reporting are delivered to authorized users via a web-GUI in multiuser QLIGENT®-hosted cloud environment. The service requires deployment of a number of licensed (SaaS) software Probes reporting to the QLIGENT® cloud aggregation server.
Each Subscriber’s Authorized User is granted access to the individually configured template-based web-GUI with multipage dashboard, interactive map with Probes status propagation, alarms’ list with instant audible notifications, alarms’ details analysis page with trend line and video segment capture correlated to fault, multi-chart signal parameters analysis and trending, as well as video wall for live and recorded video playout.
QLIGENT® cloud server aggregates all quality and performance metrics coming from probes. The data is securely stored to keep metrics from all the licensed probes on the hosted aggregation server for up to 90 days (or more upon customer's request) with data access policies managed by a Role-Based Access Control system supporting the company’s organizational charts and enterprise-class Active Directory integration. The compliance recording data is stored on the Subscriber-provided hardware probes, limited only by the storage capacity available and the bitrates of the transcoded or raw audiovisual streams.
We are with you all the way! With years of industry expertise and a consultative approach, we work with each of our clients from the ground up with a commitment to developing intelligent, scalable and cost-effective solutions. We provide professional commissioning and training services, phone and e-mail support, access to our knowledge base and on-demand case-by-case analysis and troubleshooting from industry expert developers and engineers.
Technical Capabilities
Digital/Analog TV, Radio and IPTV
  • DVB-T/T2/H/C/C2/S/S2
  • ISDB
  • DAB/DAB+
Trending and Analysis
  • RF analysis & SFN monitoring
  • IP analysis
  • Transport Stream analysis (TR 101290, A/78a)
  • Quality of Experience (QoE)
Input signal sources:

Compliance recording and streaming, raw stream capture

Notifications (Audible Alarms, E-Mail, SMS)

NMS/OSS integration (SNMP)