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SLA compliance

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Advertisers, content owners and production team requires clear vision of the service delivery quality – they want to be sure that your best in class content and programming reaches you subscribers in a smooth and reliable way. In the modern mixed media consumption model your delivery relies on multiple operators, departments, and vendors who are only responsible for their parts of the delivery chain out to the end-customer. Neither initial, no periodic audits could address the problem, as most issues are intermittent and depend on numerous complicated factors.


With QligentTM stream and media monitoring and logging solution deployed over your distribution chain – no matter how big it is – you gain control over you instant 24/7 solid audit trail. Verify you content delivery, monitor traditional SLA QoS and QoE metrics and create your custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor, trend and report on Service Level Agreement compliance as well as Regulatory Compliance. Record high res, low res or even raw transport stream. Log and create reports on your programs and ads with easy export with clips. Have the data to defend your position as you deliver best in class service to your customer base.


QligentTM enables oversight of your media distribution network providing your with 24/7 real time SLA audit of the entire delivery chain and every link within. QligentTM follows your business goals with flexible and configurable KPIs representing your vision of distribution performance and causing effect – from C-level oriented revenue-based score indicators to technically meaningful low-level metrics. Trend your network and partners’ performance and ROI for any extensions, upgrades and improvements applied and so optimize the cost of operations and save staff.