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Regulatory Compliance

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Each country has its own set of regulations for broadcasting – loudness (CALM Act in US, CSA Law 2010-788 in France, CRTC 2011-584 in Canada, EBU R128 and etc.), Closed Captions, Subtitles, Teletext, EPG, advertising quota, emergency alerts, outages and impairments reporting and mandatory compliance logging. With so many distribution platforms, partners and operators, broadcasters require a reliable and distributed compliance monitoring and audit trail to ensure their operations comply with regulations to avoid unnecessary penalties and fees. Having the tools to immediately isolate any compliance related problems and their root-cause is imperative to minimize expenses.


Continuous 24/7 recording, indexing, analysis and correlation of data across the distribution path is the only reliable way to rapidly detect, isolate and prevent any compliance-related issues. QligentTM Vision and Point capture, record and alert on any regulator-important metric or KPI within the system. Qligent Scan, with traffic schedule import and analysis, addresses content related issues such as advertising and loudness. Automate regulation reporting and verification and secure your business from both production and distribution-related non-compliance.


Qligent offers automated 24/7 quality monitoring and media recording to ensure your compliance for various government regulations.
With QligentTM you can control your distribution in every medium, location and network of your interest all over the globe. QligentTM Vision’s intelligent monitoring engine will apply the appropriate rules specific to the territory’s regulations and QligentTM Record and Scan will enable 24/7 logging and reporting for easy verification of restrictions and regulations.