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Direct Root Cause Analysis

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Monitoring a complex distribution of media 24/7 heavily relies on Operators who are available 24/7. Unfortunately this is not their primary job and not well trained to boot. Root cause analysis is difficult for the seasoned engineer so nearly impossible for the partially trained and part time jobber. Proper RCA requires proper system monitoring deployment and a good choice in monitoring solutions. To complicate matters the difficult problems are usually intermittent problems that have no immediate root symptoms. To capture these problems with casual or even real time monitoring is nearly impossible. It requires machine learning and recording of the entire environment to capture the essence of the issue.


Continuous recording, trending, and correlation of data across the distribution path is required for rapid root cause analysis. The more points monitored equates to the faster a root cause can be determined. QligentTM Vision and Point capture, trigger, record, index and alert on any parameter within the system. Instrumentation along the signal path will allow quick capture and analysis of even the trickiest of system issues. Field capture of the Raw transport stream for in-depth lab analysis has proven to be the most powerful by way of leveraging existing equipment and system experts to analyze an issue in an environment they are most familiar with.


QligentTM Vision and Point has the most advanced recording and capture tools available in the market. Any disruption at any layer in the distribution stream can be immediately captured, logged, indexed and recorded for further analysis. All signals can be correlated to determine which layer is the offending layer and why. Easy to determine root cause and create corrective and preventative actions.