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Advertising Verification

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For most broadcasters advertising monitoring and verification is a top-priority task. The key to success is revenue optimization by utilizing the maximum of allowed air time for broadcasting ads and guaranteeing they are aired correctly to avoid any penalties from regulators and advertisers. Today’s delivery chain for a broadcaster now includes so many elements - DTV, Cable, IP and SAT operators, Local Ad-insertion Agencies, CDNs and even ISPs (for OTT) providers, each of them been a potential point of failure – that broadcasters has very limited control over the content delivery to the end-customer. Saying it left the studio doesn’t account for much anymore. Monitoring such a diversity of distribution paths has been previously both painful and expensive routine and most broadcasters and their customers relies on some as-run and fault logs as proof to pay.


Deploying QligentTM Scan over the variety of broadcaster’s distribution platforms enables 24/7 fully automated advertising verification in real time. Both Linear (comparing national and regional feeds) and Non-Linear (Schedule & Content-based search by sample and verification) modes are supported. SCTE-35 analysis on-board makes verification process truly intelligent. Compliance recording, traffic schedule/as-run import and content search by sample option simplify verification and reporting while significantly decreasing human labor.


QligentTM uses state of the art non-intrusive fingerprinting algorithms for content identification supporting both video and audio indexing. Due to its flexible architecture it can be as simple as comparing pairs of national and regional streams with growing intelligence by importing traffic logs, compliance logging and even tracking possible revenue and audience impact from faults detected. Based on the QligentTM universal signal reception engine, Scan is able to support terrestrial, cable, IPTV, satellite and OTT streams indexing out of the box and thanks to its intelligent indexing engine – the backhaul required typically does not exceed 64 Kbps.