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Black Screen
Mainly caused by total service disruption, Black Screen (sometimes also called “Black”, “No Video”, “No Decodable Video” or “No Signal”) is the most serious issue affecting end-viewer experience.
Usually preceding total service degradation, Freeze (sometimes also called “Frozen Screen”) is among TOP-3 issues reported by users in digital signal delivery.
Macroblocking or pixelation
Most common digital compression artifact, Macroblocking (sometimes also called “Blocking” or “Pixelation”) together with Black Screen and Freeze covers up to 90% of overall impairment affecting subscribers' experience.
Content Mismatch
Incorrect regional content or advertising replacing (sometimes also called “Mis-splicing”) may result in significant loss of revenue, reputation and incur penalties.
Derived from CRT era, interlaced videos suffer from combing and twittering effects on moving objects edges or striped patterns.
Missing Caption / Subtitles
Designed to improve content accessibility, Captions and Subtitles' distribution is mandatory in most countries. Captions presence engages more viewers to access content – including those who are non-native speakers, watch TV in noisy environments or are hearing impaired.